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updates from Durrus

Having had the ‘ sex ‘ talk from my mother in what seems to be not so long ago, I was sniggering listening to husband and myself. We were trying to encapsulate such a complex thing for our three sons … Continue reading

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Seeing as we are right in the process of moving, and following on from my last post, relocation seems to be in the air…. Relocation astrology has followers and disparagers. For my part, I think that the base is still … Continue reading

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Wow, what a churning Christmas/ New year period that turned out to be! I am only just reaching clarity in functioning again. Getting up in the morning has been a struggle much less marshalling my thoughts into words or an … Continue reading

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winter solstice 2009

I find myself looking for a message this solstice, looking for the way forward. I feel frustrated with holding still. I also dont think I am alone in this. During the solstice, the sun seems to hold still on its … Continue reading

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Budget 2010

Ok, taking the chart for the budget at 3:45 (announcement time) and locating it in Dublin, this is what I get: We have Chiron conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius. It’s really a sign of the times! There is a puncture or … Continue reading

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Skibbereen Floods part two

When I read a chart for difficulties or challenges, I go to Saturn. For me, it isnt that Saturn means problems, it is more a place where things are stuck, or obviously not running smoothly. It’s a place that’s going … Continue reading

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Skibbereen Floods Part One

(I looked at a few times of the day for this one, but finally settled on the evening full tide time of 5:30.) The first thing that springs to mind is that almost exact conjunction between Pluto and the Moon, … Continue reading

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New Moon in Scorpio 7.14 GMT

Someone told me, ‘ we all need to control something’. Somewhere in the dark of this new moon, I want to find out what I need to control. Also going on is the square to that majestic conjunction of Jupiter,Chiron … Continue reading

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