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Having had the ‘ sex ‘ talk from my mother in what seems to be not so long ago, I was sniggering listening to husband and myself. We were trying to encapsulate such a complex thing for our three sons (seven, four and three.) I think we were doing really well. We discussed why their big brother has a different mom, and how that led to him not living with us. We talked about making sure you only have babies with someone you want to at least try to stay with. We talked about having sex and making sure you don’t have babies unless you want to. All in all a five minute talk, and nothing too scary or detailed. The kids nodded and asked some questions. But my middle son was very quiet, so I directed my attention towards him and asked: ‘ Hey, Eddie, what do you think?’ He paused to take his thumb out of his mouth, and asked ‘ Is it ok for me to have sex with Samuel’s girlfriend?’ The seven year old brother in question shouted ‘ hey no way!’ My husband actually fell over from laughing and I got left having to answer that one.

This kid has Mercury in Scorpio, and he is always coming up with the weirdest things. Like when he was three and matter of factly told me that he had been born before and the Daddy in that place had killed him and taken his head off, and then calmly returned to eating his cereal. But I think that what popped up in the above conversation was his Mars in Taurus.

Living as I do with two people with Mars in Taurus, I think I am beginning to get a feel for it….somewhat. There is a real need to possess in this life force dynamic. Eddie only slept with two little toy cars in his hands every night since he could lift toys. My husband (thankfully he doesn’t read this) actually hugs me too hard, and has been known to leave fingerprint bruises when he does. (Please don’t read this as abusive husband, it is actually a combination of me bruising easily and him gripping too hard with his fingers) It is very tactile, but also all about what it has and what it has not. I find it a bit slow to say the least, but that is also because I am a Mar in Sagittarius person, like my other son. Both Eddie and my husband ponder about their daily actions, like they are getting messages from tiny wires connected to some control panel a million miles away from what is happening. Things are deliberate.

So why today am I writing about this? Good question. Having not written anything in ages, it just sort of sprung out of my mind on onto the page. I am well sick of reading about the Giant Grand Cross and Lunar Eclipses, and just wanted to rebase astrology back into the daily practice of tolerance. Plus it was my two-year wedding anniversary, we couldn’t go out, husband got very sick and friend committed suicide all in the same four days. Moon in Capricorn things I think, but again less said about that the better.

That’s all for now folks. Thanks for reading and feel free to post comments if any.

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