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Giving Thanks

Liz Green says about Capricorns ‘ But to most goats, life is a serious business, because it has to be mastered if you want to survive’ ( Astrology for Lovers). I do take life seriously, so seriously that I have … Continue reading

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How to get a good pinch

How to get a good pinch in six easy steps: 1. Have a goose 2. Have her nesting behind a large square rabbit hutch squished into the corner of the house, where you have to get on your hands and … Continue reading

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Christmas Eve

A Very Merry Christmas to you all from us here in Friendly Cove, Durrus, Ireland

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Wishful Duck Soup

We got given four Muscovy drakes. I was excited by the concept of yummy Christmas dinner and even though I had to drive home with them hissing like demons, in a precarious container, in the dark, I was happy to … Continue reading

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We have lost our gander to a fox. All members of the family, human and otherwise are very sad. He didn’t have a name, but did have a great personality, and was very gentle. In the meantime, I am desperately … Continue reading

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Rumoured Unicorn Sighting Reported In Don Valley

Toronto, ON –¬†Amateur video depicting what could be one of the most elusive legendary creatures, the unicorn, has been captured on film by a Toronto resident.¬† The video in question, shot by a local birdwatcher, Peter Hickey-Jones, shows what appears … Continue reading

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Pigs & Black Pudding

When the darkness starts to infiltrate our early evenings, and the rooster starts crowing while it is still black in the morning, you know that autumn is coming in West Cork. The many elms around Friendly Cove are just starting … Continue reading

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