What West Cork Astrology is about.

I am a self taught astrologer and hedge witch, mother of three boys, one baby girl, step mom of one, wife, book-keeper, felt maker, writer, friend, sister, gardener…the list could go on. Now joyfully located in Durrus, West Cork, Ireland. This Blog is about sharing. It’s a process for me to share myself with those who are interested. That’s the joy of the Internet. Sharing my opinions, or my interpretations is a learning experience for me, so thanks for reading.

I am currently studying for my Diploma in the Huber method of Psychological Astrology, as well as holding down a part-time bookkeeping job, plus all the family stuff. I became interested in astrology after a miscarriage with my first pregnancy. It also was my Saturn return time, provoking a period of deep depression. During the counselling process, I started to reclaim many parts of myself only vaguely remembered from childhood. One of these parts was a belief in my own abilities & my own sensing. Astrology helped me learn tolerance of other ways of Being in the World, but mostly saved me by helping me learn tolerance for my own limitations. I find it a wonderful tool for self-analysis.

I do personal chart readings for adults and children. All sessions are confidential. I would require your birth data (time, place & date), but after that, we just need to arrange a time to sit down and talk the chart through. I do not provide computer-generated reports, but am more than happy for our sitting to be recorded & can also do handwritten reports. A sitting is normally an hour and a half & I accept barter as well as money. Barter is a great way to share skills, and help each other out. I accept gardening, craft supplies, & house cleaning and so on!

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4 Responses to What West Cork Astrology is about.

  1. Vic Gray says:

    Hi , I’m an amateur astrologer based in Galway, nice to see another Irish astrologer on the web, it seems to be dominated by US stuff.
    You might be interested in my my free Moon Calendar that you can download from my website, its free and its printable.

  2. Sophie says:

    Oh my darling girl you are truly inspiring! Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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