Time Lord, Indeed: An Astrological Look at Doctor Who

Perfect summing up of Doctor Who and astrology 🙂


The astrological underpinnings to cultural phenomena can sometimes be jaw-dropping. Such is the case with the BBC’s long-lived sci fi series Doctor Who. Key aspects of the series and the Doctor himself jump out with dazzling precision from the chart of its premiere (5:16:20 PM November 23, 1963, London).

It’s a perfect expression of the series’ premise, which follows a mysterious time lord on his travels through time and space. Most of the defining elements appear in the chart’s packed sixth house, which describes day to day affairs as well as the role of service.  The line-up delivers a super-sized dose of adventure, exploring, a teaching, mind-expanding streak, journeying far from home base (mentally and physically), an on-the-go “Don’t Fence Me In” imperative.


These characteristics come from four pivotal placements in Sagittarius, starting with the Sun in the very first degree of the sign. This gives…

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Living the Leo Way

The Sun rules the 5th house, the stage of the royal Leo. Here it holds court, and in this sign it rules with bounty. It is a Fixed Fire sign. Solar Leos do have a tendency to see themselves as the centre of the Solar System or at least of their own lives. Self-doubt doesn’t compute for the Leo. When the aspects are challenging though, the Leo can act like a tyrant, and demonstrate selfishness.

 An example of famous Leos would be Chris Hemsworth, Barak Obama, Madonna, Daniel Radcliffe and Arnold Schwarzenegger. These are people who are larger than life or at least appear to us as larger than life. Being the centre of attention is never going to be a problem for a Leo.

 I love the story of the Cowardly Lion in the Wizard of OZ. He is frightened of everything, but through his journey with Dorothy, he finds his own Kingship. This sense of Self is something that Solar Leos are born with. They have a Hearth fire that burns with Magnetic personality. Too often we are not ourselves, for our children, for the job, for our parents or our partners. Finding an authentic way of being can be challenging with all these pressures. So the lesson of the Leo is to follow your Sun. Be the centre of your own life. Then you can shine with love and warmth on those around you.

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2014 Cancer Full Moon

Still my fav astro blog – Says it all – have a read folks and donate if you have a bob or two ❤


January 15-16, 2014
8:52 PM PDT / 11:52 PM EDT  4:52 AM GMT
25 Cancer 58 / 25 Capricorn 58

Get out your hanky, your fuzzy robe and slippers, and a big helping or three of your favorite comfort food.  A security blanket could come in handy this week, as the Cancer Full Moon brings emotional release that’s been building since Christmas.

It is the cosmic clean-up act to foundation overhaul that’s been screaming for attention since the end of last year.  Mars, the planet of push, has been roughing up the agents of unpredictable and unavoidable change, Uranus and Pluto, and then escalating the action with bigger-is-better Jupiter. Think of the life-redefining developments that have happened in, to and around you since the end of last year. (Could it only have been three weeks ago?)  Even if you’ve come through without tears or trauma, you haven’t escaped unaffected.


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The Cancerian – Moody or Moon?

Well I found our recent visit through Cancer full of obvious reminders of motherhood and nurturing issues. On the personal side I finally weaned my darling girl at 2yrs and 1 month, and in the public sphere (dare I mention it) the ‘Royal Baby’ event. I’m a fourth house Capricorn Sun myself, and throughout the years, the most hurtful people I’ve known and also my best friends have been from this sign. Please read the following with an understanding that these are generalisations written to give a flavour of what it is to be born in the sign of Cancer.

Cancer rules the 4th house of the horoscope, and this is the place where we are at home. Home and comfort and nurturing and fussing and fretting and smothering……Astrologically the 4th house is where the IC is, but that is another article. We all have mother stories, some are nightmarish and others still feed our souls, but the inescapable fact is that they are our birthplaces. It is where we emerged naked to the world and hopefully were scooped up into loving hands and warm gentle snuggles. It doesn’t always work like this, but the mythology of Mother is endless, as each generation is birthed into a newer version of the original story. It is this mythology that this Sun sign shoulders.

They are gentle folk, with highly nurturing instincts; happiest doing whatever they feel is making a home. (It so depends on where their sun in placed and what pops up in their 4th house). But like anyone nestled deep into his or her home space, they are fiercely protective. So like the crabs that they are, a shell of armour keeps their delicate and fragile selves away from anything they perceive as threatening. They will also snap away at anyone they see as threatening. Too often for the Cancerian there are lots of issues around parenting and home space. They can hold on for dear life far after the relationships have changed, and they will endure horrifying storms to keep what they love. They will often surround themselves with loved things or reminders of loved people, and many times their entire home is a treasure box of memories.

Cancerians are a strong and cardinal water sign. They are ruled by the Moon, which as you know changes signs every 2 to 3 days. The term moodiness is often used here. I think it’s more important to understand that the Cancerian tread the delicate dance between the two Luminosities. The need to be oneself as dictated by the Sun energy and the ebbs and flows of the constantly transiting Moon. Hell yes, I’d be moody if I had that much energy constantly running through me! So give a hug to your local Cancerian gal or guy. They are dealing with a lot, and truly are unspoken heroes of the astrological chart. But then again I’m biased. Like I said earlier, some of my best friends hail from that constellation.

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Ten things I love about the Solar Gemini

Ok I’m trying to tie up all my loose ends before the Mercury Retrograde in Cancer on the 26th. Honestly this year, my mental focus has been so wide (read scattered) that I’m still struggling with bearing in on one topic. But I promised, and though it might be late, I do try to keep my word. So here is the lovely start off essay in my 12-month blog challenge:

10 things I love about the Solar Gemini:

1. Their childlike curiosity about the next new thing. My pet Gemini reads the Financial Times every Saturday. He is the most generous of people with money, and it literally slips through his fingers, but he can always give me the latest low-down on the banking crisis.
2. The balls out go with the flow and lets see what happens energy. Head wreaking if you are not built that way, but they never regret not following an opportunity.
3. The Duracell battery rabbit/ Tigger from Winnie-the-Pooh thing (if you live with one, you know what I mean) Do they ever switch off???
4. They are so damn friendly! My baby boy with lunar Gemini would walk down the street and tell perfect strangers he loved them when he was 2.
5. The way they bring stories out of people and their ability to talk to anyone.
6. How they tell stories from the white lie to the full on Moby Dick exaggeration.
7. How happy they can be. Bad stuff just flows over them. I really admire that.
8. They are the eternal optimistic – even when it’s all blowing up around them, they manage to see the upside. A real life example is the car running out of petrol on the eldest’s first day ever of school, having to hitch to the nearest petrol station, somehow get petrol without having their wallet, hitch back, fill up car, get kid to school, and then turn around and say – ‘See, we were only ten minutes late, everything is fine’ to their fuming wife.
9. That they are never boring.
10. How much laughter and wit and fun they create.

Personal note – my other half is a Gemini and whilst he is the bane of my Capricorn life, he is also the best person for me. He makes me laugh at the worst moments of life. He clowns when it is wildly inappropriate. He is never serious at all despite raising a large family together. He is my headache and my love. I also get to be the proud Mommy to a Gemini girl, who even though she is only two, is looking to be as much fun/trouble as her dad. 🙂

Research note: For understanding the Solar signs I always turn to Robert Hand’s Planets in Youth. http://www.amazon.com/Planets-Youth-Patterns-Development-Planet/dp/0914918265 It is a great positive read, and excellent at assisting in understanding the potential of each sign. Also just trust your instincts. I see signs as flavours or colours and sometimes when I look at a natal chart, I hear a chord of music. Withhold judgement, and try to work out your own way of understanding. Good luck.

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Division of writing labour

In an attempt to increase my astrological posts (at this point I’m putting it down to semi permanent writers muddle) I’m going to split up the blog articles, so…..

Day to day life will be found at friendlycovefarm.wordpress.com

And highly informative fascinating thoughts (har har har) on the current astrological trends will remain here.

So the goal I’m setting myself is to write once a month here, and let the random posts flow over on the other one. Seeing as its my Husbands & my baby girl’s birthday on the 29th, I’m going to start out by formally writing 12 posts on the sun signs – Hey if I get them all done within 12 months I’ll move on to the next challenge of the Lunar movements.

Ok Gemini it is – wait for it, wait for it….( a may the 4th reference for all my fellow nerdies out there)


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Sandwiches: Weird and Wonderful Comfort Food.

My head is aching from another chart reading of this full moon on the 25th. Maybe it is ok that I can’t articulate the churning primal concepts that I see. If I could share it with the world in terms of colour or sounds I’d be fine. So really guys, a sandwich is all I got.

The Scorpio Lunar Eclipse sandwich: (Make sure you put it together in this order)

Rye Bread
Shredded Lobster mixed with Handcrafted Organic Mayo (Make some! It’s good.)
Very Crunchy Lettuce
Spicy Spicy Kim Chee (fermented cabbage, garlic, chilli etc)
Durrus Cheese – just when it is about to go funky on your ass but still sliceable not spreadable.
More Butter
Rye Bread.

We’ve got boundaries, the underbelly, and the explosive taste sensation. Just like those great godly planets Saturn, Pluto and Uranus who are mucking up my mind.

Feck it, I’m off to eat.

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2013 Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

I’ve got this all going on over my Moon in Scorpio – this is how I dream to write about astrology, unbogged down by kids, loose pigs, and managing the family’s limited funds. Please take the time to read Kathy’s other posts – She is an amazing writer.


April 25, 2013
12:58 PM PDT / 3:58 PM EDT / 7:58 PM GMT
6 Taurus 45 / 6 Scorpio 45

By Kathy Biehl

This week’s Scorpio Full Moon opens a landscape-altering gauntlet of eclipses and revolutionary convulsions and contractions. It is the first of four monumental events that will reboot and reshape our circumstances, attitudes and perspective between now and the end of May.

The Next Four Weeks (and What the ?!? Happened the Week of April 15)

The spring’s eclipses are a major gear shift in our focus: from reconsidering our communication flow, our technology, what we believe about ourselves, our country, laws and foreigners, and how our thoughts and filters mold what we experience to revisitng and rethinking resources, money, possessions — along with who owns what, how we share or combine resources and what we get back — and death, taxes, lizard-brain cravings, terrors and impulses…

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This month’s excuse for no astrological posts….

I have been busy making hats, lots and lots of hats!


Also have writer’s block as I have been fixated on writing about Uranus’ move into Aries, which keeps digressing to a sad essay on my father and his Uranus return. I’m just not ready to share with the world on this one. So in the meantime, am making hats. 


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Merc Retro : February 2013

Writing about Mercury retrograde on an astrological blog has been done. Many, many times. There is no justification for adding to the knowledge pool, but here I am today, adding.

Mercury in Pisces is heading into its retrograde action on the 23rd of February until the 17th of March. (check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apparent_retrograde_motion#Retrograde_motion_in_astrology for an easy peasy explanation of retrograde.) Personally I’m not good at the whole dreamy thinking stuff that comes with this transit, much less throwing a retrograde motion in there too.

We always seem to live out the dance of the stressful Mercury Retro. Our car broke and we lost the Internet all week. And my friend’s car broke, and my workmate’s car broke. I missed texts from folks I had been planning to catch up with. And so on – nothing new. So after the wonderful present of Pancake Tuesday being transformed into Vomit Tuesday literally when the kids got home from school, we were stuck at home until Sat night. Four days, no Internet, no driving, …….And it was bliss. We spent last week consolidating the garden, the house, our relationships, & the laundry. The kitchen is still a mess this morning when we left. The Cleaning Fairy is going to break an ankle on all the boxes left in the upstairs hall. But the bulbs are growing. I know the garden beds are ready for planting. And I knew where everyone’s school uniform was this morning.

Now is the time to tidy off the projects you are finished with. Weave in the ends on your crochet hat, and move on. Give yourself a big hug for having worked so hard. Clean up the mess, and curl up with your soul and love yourself up.

Relax, breath, the world will still be there tomorrow.

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