How to get a good pinch

How to get a good pinch in six easy steps:

1. Have a goose

2. Have her nesting behind a large square rabbit hutch squished into the corner of the house, where you have to get on your hands and knees to reach into the nest

3. Be pretty pregnant – about 33/34 weeks along is just about fine

4. Be tired after a party the day before and a long days work.

5. Undertake trying to replace her dud eggs with eleven duck eggs at about eight at night. Make sure it is dusk outside and slightly difficult to see contrast.

6. Make sure you have no experience in lifting the butt end of a goose up, especially so that you underestimate the strength needed & accurate positioning of said pregnant woman to stay balanced.

Result: A very pissed off goose & a large bruise on the forearm!

However Operation Egg Change was successful. Well, at least all eggs are covered and she seems to have no intention of leaving the nest. Will update you all in about 28 days or so…..

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3 Responses to How to get a good pinch

  1. Motherdear says:

    Ha ha – very funny! I can fully relate to this – ours are so viscious at the moment we are trying to invent a slingshot to get their food close enough to them!

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