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Time Lord, Indeed: An Astrological Look at Doctor Who

Originally posted on Astro-Insight:
The astrological underpinnings to cultural phenomena can sometimes be jaw-dropping. Such is the case with the BBC’s long-lived sci fi series Doctor Who. Key aspects of the series and the Doctor himself jump out with dazzling…

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Living the Leo Way

The Sun rules the 5th house, the stage of the royal Leo. Here it holds court, and in this sign it rules with bounty. It is a Fixed Fire sign. Solar Leos do have a tendency to see themselves as … Continue reading

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2014 Cancer Full Moon

Originally posted on Astro-Insight:
January 15-16, 2014 8:52 PM PDT / 11:52 PM EDT  4:52 AM GMT 25 Cancer 58 / 25 Capricorn 58 Get out your hanky, your fuzzy robe and slippers, and a big helping or three of…

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The Cancerian – Moody or Moon?

Well I found our recent visit through Cancer full of obvious reminders of motherhood and nurturing issues. On the personal side I finally weaned my darling girl at 2yrs and 1 month, and in the public sphere (dare I mention … Continue reading

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Ten things I love about the Solar Gemini

Ok I’m trying to tie up all my loose ends before the Mercury Retrograde in Cancer on the 26th. Honestly this year, my mental focus has been so wide (read scattered) that I’m still struggling with bearing in on one … Continue reading

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Division of writing labour

In an attempt to increase my astrological posts (at this point I’m putting it down to semi permanent writers muddle) I’m going to split up the blog articles, so….. Day to day life will be found at And highly … Continue reading

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Sandwiches: Weird and Wonderful Comfort Food.

My head is aching from another chart reading of this full moon on the 25th. Maybe it is ok that I can’t articulate the churning primal concepts that I see. If I could share it with the world in terms … Continue reading

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