Merc Retro : February 2013

Writing about Mercury retrograde on an astrological blog has been done. Many, many times. There is no justification for adding to the knowledge pool, but here I am today, adding.

Mercury in Pisces is heading into its retrograde action on the 23rd of February until the 17th of March. (check out for an easy peasy explanation of retrograde.) Personally I’m not good at the whole dreamy thinking stuff that comes with this transit, much less throwing a retrograde motion in there too.

We always seem to live out the dance of the stressful Mercury Retro. Our car broke and we lost the Internet all week. And my friend’s car broke, and my workmate’s car broke. I missed texts from folks I had been planning to catch up with. And so on – nothing new. So after the wonderful present of Pancake Tuesday being transformed into Vomit Tuesday literally when the kids got home from school, we were stuck at home until Sat night. Four days, no Internet, no driving, …….And it was bliss. We spent last week consolidating the garden, the house, our relationships, & the laundry. The kitchen is still a mess this morning when we left. The Cleaning Fairy is going to break an ankle on all the boxes left in the upstairs hall. But the bulbs are growing. I know the garden beds are ready for planting. And I knew where everyone’s school uniform was this morning.

Now is the time to tidy off the projects you are finished with. Weave in the ends on your crochet hat, and move on. Give yourself a big hug for having worked so hard. Clean up the mess, and curl up with your soul and love yourself up.

Relax, breath, the world will still be there tomorrow.

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