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Merc Retro : February 2013

Writing about Mercury retrograde on an astrological blog has been done. Many, many times. There is no justification for adding to the knowledge pool, but here I am today, adding. Mercury in Pisces is heading into its retrograde action on … Continue reading

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Sunday Rugby

We don’t have a television. There is a tiny bit of deep hidden political meaning in this non-ownership. It means that we have a lot of freedom in how we view entertainment, but on the other hand, we are also … Continue reading

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Swedish Meatballs, Wild Strawberries & Lists of Five

This post is a week late. Due to family life, my mind could not focus on a suitable theme, so am combining my comfort things into one happy post. 1.            Ingmar Bergman films 2.            Great Grandma’s recipe for brown sugar (Swedish) … Continue reading

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Why is marriage alot like sourdough?

Why is marriage a lot like sourdough? Because it doesn’t always work. See, in making sourdough, you need time, warmth, labour, plus the basic ingredients – Isn’t that exactly what marriage needs too?   Certain family members are gluten intolerant, … Continue reading

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Summer of the Sheep

A lot has happened since my last entry on this blog. Being the Goat that I am, I nearly packed it all in blogwise. My initial thinking ran: ‘ you haven’t made a weekly entry, much less an entry per … Continue reading

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Moving a zoo…

I came home late Saturday night after spending two weeks caring for my father at his home. It was an awkward two weeks. Instead of it simply being about providing care and continuity for my dad, an Alzheimer’s sufferer, it … Continue reading

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a little bit of nothing and too much…

I haven’t been able to write anything since Christmas. Every time I start a subject, another pops up and demands to be dealt with in my real life. So maybe I can excuse it by stating that I have been … Continue reading

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Pigs and Solar Eclipses

I am going to tell you how Sunday’s solar eclipse in Cancer went: Our pigs managed to get out of the field they were fenced in. My husband had just put them in, and they were eating away, when our … Continue reading

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Seeing as we are right in the process of moving, and following on from my last post, relocation seems to be in the air…. Relocation astrology has followers and disparagers. For my part, I think that the base is still … Continue reading

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Just wishing everyone a very happy Yule! I have nearly met my own target of one (small) article per week, and am thanking you all from the bottem of my heart for reading them!

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