Pigs and Solar Eclipses

I am going to tell you how Sunday’s solar eclipse in Cancer went:

Our pigs managed to get out of the field they were fenced in. My husband had just put them in, and they were eating away, when our Golden Lab trying to do a runner to the village in search of girl dog time distracted him. So the pigs decided that his side of the fence was a more sociable place to be, and they nosed under the fence and went for a wander. Unfortunately they wandered up our lane and into the neighbour’s yard, who had left his gate open. The yard also contained cows and a bull. I had left in the car searching for the Lab, and my husband waded in to rescue the pigs that were getting stamped on and butted up against the stonewalls. Apparently he slapped a ‘cow’ out of the way, and as it moved around, he realised he had slapped a bull instead.

Our favourite little black and white pig was injured, and once we got them to safety in a shed with lots of hay, they lay down side-by-side, and Black White died. So we did what any self-respecting small holder would try to do, we bled him as best we could, and butchered him ourselves. I have a horrible wonderful image of my husband with a saw and a book in either hand standing and looking at the carcass I had gutted for him.

That night we had bbq spare ribs, Anya salad potatoes and lots of leafy greens all from the garden and the pig. It was our first genuine sustainable meal. I did have hard time sleeping that night, maybe from the wine I had drunk in order to ‘calm’ my nerves. It was a traumatic event for us all.

I have Saturn at 15º Cancer and the eclipse was at 19º Cancer. It also hits a 5º orb on my Mid Heavens. I literally lost a valuable (financially & emotionally) member of my family. The next day, I found that one friend had lost her rabbits on her estate and that another friend had an escaping ferret. (Everything got home safe though) What was interesting is the fact that nothing had been going stray before, and nothing has gotten out since.

Any comments?

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