Swedish Meatballs, Wild Strawberries & Lists of Five

This post is a week late. Due to family life, my mind could not focus on a suitable theme, so am combining my comfort things into one happy post.

1.            Ingmar Bergman films

2.            Great Grandma’s recipe for brown sugar (Swedish) meatballs

3.            Astrid Lindgren

4.            Wallander TV series (BBC & Yellow Bird Films)

5.            Volvos

And now for something completely different…

1.            Get a jar, and put in one litre of organic milk & kefir grains.

2.            Leave for about three days, reach in and fish out all those lumpy grains.

3.            Pour the rest into a cheese muslin (j-cloth) resting in a sieve.

4.            Once most of the whey has run out, hang over a bowl and let it drip dry.

5.            Breath, you have made Kefir Cheese!

Goes great with cherry jam & rye bread, see the Swedish theme still stands – ish.

(Still struggling with the what astrological sign rules fermentation. It must be so obvious I cannot see it…Scorpio? And what about the rising sign of the country Sweden?)

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1 Response to Swedish Meatballs, Wild Strawberries & Lists of Five

  1. pivi63 says:

    Reading this just now.. I like the idea of the list of five, and three of them would be on mine too – but somehow that is not so surprising – or is it?

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