Seeing as we are right in the process of moving, and following on from my last post, relocation seems to be in the air….

Relocation astrology has followers and disparagers. For my part, I think that the base is still the natal place of birth. That doesn’t mean one cant find something to think about in looking at a relocated chart and seeing how the transits affect that. What I found the most interesting about my own relocated chart was how the major axis changed. Instead of having a tenth and fourth house Saturn Sun opposition, the relocated chart changed into a first and seventh house opposition.

Since my birthday in January ( Capricorn! Busted!) I was hit by a blast of depression. It was serious. I found that I didn’t have any ability to manage it. So being the practical natured being I posted my chart with transits on the lovely site Astrodienst. And I was surprised! The relocation reading really assisted me with getting a handle on what was making me feel like I was drowning in quicksand.

I am not good on support. After Christmas, I found that all the people I was supporting, I was letting down or at least that is how I was perceiving things. When I look to my own natal chart and see that Saturn Sun opposition on the MC/IC; I get thrown back into myself and my past and deep feelings of loss and struggle and neediness. I find it hard in my own chart to see tools by which to get out of that place. To be honest I feel a bit squished! So relocating that weight to horizontally across, and changing the venue to self & relationships gave me just enough space to go ‘ Ah gotcha!’. I saw that I was supporting people that didn’t deserve it & did not need it & how much of my energy was getting drained unnecessarily. I was able to see how I was not supporting myself by focusing on relationships or partnerships that were not growing or fulfilling me in my life goals. And do you know what, I acted selfishly. And it felt great! And I wasn’t depressed anymore! Wow!

So hey, it is worth a look.

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