a little bit of nothing and too much…

I haven’t been able to write anything since Christmas. Every time I start a subject, another pops up and demands to be dealt with in my real life. So maybe I can excuse it by stating that I have been out there – acting and reacting instead of reflecting. So am going to list the subjects I haven’t written about:

· Hospital visit of 5 hours to pee on a stick

· Estranged stepson getting in touch again after nearly four years & hugging me!

· Being over halfway in my pregnancy and the movement of a new life within me

· Kale (Don’t question, just understand. I developed a kale fetish during the holidays – My liver reacting to all the rich food?)

· No water or heating during Christmas week & the subsequent imploding of my marriage (all healed again now thankfully)

· Anger, betrayal, fear, insecurities, emotional mood swings, deep desires for red wine & chocolate, inconsolable crying, laughter, love birds, dead pet rabbit, new silky hens, Lettie the guinea pig, 8th birthday parties with nineteen 8 yr olds, a new 7 seater, Brian Cowen, the Green party and all the swear words I can think of …..

So now you are all brought up to date – without me actually writing about anything. Ha! What a great technique!

Seriously though, it leaves me without an excuse.

Uh Oh!

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1 Response to a little bit of nothing and too much…

  1. Ro-Ro says:

    So glad to hear your step-son has finally reached out, what a blessing! Sounds like you’ve had a lot happening. I’ve been thinking about you all and want to get together soon, even if it’s only for a cuppa or a movie one night. We can strike a deal: you get the chocolates and I’ll have your share of red wine! And after the tears, how about we indulge in inconsolable laughter? I’d like that. Lots of love!

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