Budget 2010

Ok, taking the chart for the budget at 3:45 (announcement time) and locating it in Dublin, this is what I get:

We have Chiron conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius. It’s really a sign of the times! There is a puncture or wounding effect that Chiron has where it’s located. Its like Saturn’s limitations, but deeper and really exposes problems/hurts/issues that are already there. I think it is safe to say that Ireland as a whole has been on a Jupiter shopping trip over the last five years, gambling away on property prices, borrowing ever optimistic that tomorrow will make it all come right. This has turned out badly, and with Chiron in such tight conjunction and both being in Aquarius (the zeitgeist) the budget will puncture everyone’s balloon. But we know this.

What there also is apparent is the opposition with Mars in Leo (orb of 4º). I think that a lot of us are going to be hurt in our pride, attacked in our way of living well. It’s going to be like the most giant criticism ever of how we Irish do things. So beware, because if you want to anger a Leo, just criticise them.

Also obvious is the trine between the Sun in Sagittarius and this Jupiter/Chiron conjunction. OMG am forgetting Neptune hanging around up there too. Sagittarius can be so righteous, so fixed on a moral truth that it can overlook the fact that it is crusading! (I have natal mars conj Neptune in Sag, third house). Venus is in Sag too (wider orb with the sun 8º) And Venus isn’t a planet to think rationally at all, she just knows what she wants and will go to any ridiculous lengths to justify this and make it happen. There is such a feel of the lid going up off the compost bin on this, and the nation refusing to look inside or deal with the mess.

Mercury is in Capricorn conjunct Pluto. With this there is also the energy of understanding the limitations necessary to move forward from Irelands spending spree. Pluto conjunct anything means deep heavy inevitable change and Mercury symbolising the thinking process. This is definitely the budget that will change how we think about everything, especially those in authority (Pluto in Capricorn). I really cant see how the current government is going to last much longer. Especially with Saturn making a square to the Pluto Mercury conj. It will be like, even though the thinking behind the budget is valid on a logical basis, it’s going to be hindered on all sides from accomplishing what the logical goal is…..

Hmmm…Shades of the 70’s strikes? Chaos on a national front? Much anger and refusal to deal? Lets see.

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1 Response to Budget 2010

  1. Cillian says:

    It seems they want us to drink ourselves out of recession! 60cent off a bottle of wine! Yaaay – off to Lidl I go! The blog looks great!

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