New Moon in Scorpio 7.14 GMT

Someone told me, ‘ we all need to control something’. Somewhere in the dark of this new moon, I want to find out what I need to control.

Also going on is the square to that majestic conjunction of Jupiter,Chiron and Neptune over in Aquarius. For me, this seems to be the conflict between my emotional needs to get what I ‘need’ and a hugely uncertain world view where everything is seen, and I cant focus in on the personal. If thats vague, sorry. Dont forget Uranus over in Pisces, making a trine to this new moon as well. Argggg or perhaps its time to have a flash of lighting on the spiritual side of things?

On a note of practicality, from today to around the 19th is a good time to plant those leafy veg, so get sowing lambs lettuce etc

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