Skibbereen Floods part two

When I read a chart for difficulties or challenges, I go to Saturn. For me, it isnt that Saturn means problems, it is more a place where things are stuck, or obviously not running smoothly. It’s a place that’s going to take work. Being a solar capricorn, I actually look forward to this moment in a charts reading, it means I can start to get my teeth in. I’ve been rereading this chart for the last week, and have bounced back and forth between Venus and Mars, and was getting nothing. Finally I looked at the Pluto Moon conjuction, and there sitting being overlooked was the squaring Saturn in Libra. If one is text book interpreting a difficult time, pretty much having Saturn turn up and square the situation isnt going to help untangle things. Like I said, I like Saturn. It’s heavy and reliable in its dutybound life lessons, a bit like the regularity of the bills coming in through the door. Its also the Limiter, and by being limited we often find out what we are capable of. (I will gush on in another post) Anyway Saturn in Libra came into that square on the 15th of November, and when did we flood? The 19th. What decision has the Irish government made about building on flood plains since? Not to do it!

And just to wind up, Venus is in an irritating square to Mars and another square to that intense conjunction of Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron. So basically the planet of relationships & aesthetics was fighting with both the Action planet (Mars) and the greater planets of Expansiveness (Jupiter) Boundless connected ness (Neptune) and the wounded healer (Chiron). Heavy stuff. Our aesthetics of the town was definitely messed up. Venus squaring anything is being thwarted in her desires. When one wants what one cant have, strange behaviours ensue. On you tube, you can watch as a man kayaked the wrong way down Bridge St.

Neptune is the Ruler of Pisces, the most watery of the water signs. If Pisces were going to have a fault, it would be the lack of boundaries, a spilling forth into others with no awareness of where one ends or begins. Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius) was explained to me once as having energy like a forest fire, voracious in its searching for new materials. It’s the sign of the Seeker, and can be fanatical as that sounds. Both are in the sign of Aquarius. Also resting right besides is the planetoid 95P/Chiron. (A planetoid which is a thing that looks like an asteroid and behaves like a comet.) Chiron is known as the wounded healer, and represents in a chart where someone is wounded, but through that pain can help or teach others. So to finish we have a wounded event, which is overzealous with a lack of boundaries. Good time for a natural disaster like a flood.
Anyway, that just my take. If you like it great. If you disagree, let me know. Debate and dialogue is good!

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