Wow, what a churning Christmas/ New year period that turned out to be! I am only just reaching clarity in functioning again. Getting up in the morning has been a struggle much less marshalling my thoughts into words or an article.

I find that it is hard for me to get running with an article topic. It has to be something that resonates with me, and that can be some pretty disperse subjects. I have a half written article based on the chart of the Haiti earthquake epicentre & another one on the natal chart of Bass hunter who was in Celebrity Big Brother. I felt foolish trying to describe an event that so many of us are affected by, and I felt small by trying to. I was intrigued by Bass hunter’s description of how he learned to control his Tourettes as a teenager, but then that subject matter seemed so trivial when I was still thinking about the Haitians.

So I went off and learned a bit more about astrology and about myself. I found out how to do a relocation chart, and in doing this learned more about my own core issues.

To create a relocation map, one takes the time of birth relational to where one was born & then translates that time to where one is living – so you can see the sky above you as if you were born in a different place but at the same time. So below ( I hope) I have attached my natal chart & my relocation chart. I’ll describe the differences for me in the next article, but just have a look and see what springs up for you….

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