winter solstice 2009

my little monkeys

I find myself looking for a message this solstice, looking for the way forward. I feel frustrated with holding still. I also dont think I am alone in this. During the solstice, the sun seems to hold still on its path across the sky, not sinking lower, yet not rising either to bring more light to the world. Is it saying hold still, as the universe around restarts. It seems to be cosmic reboot time.

There is a lot being written, or talked about concerning the triple conjuction of Moon, Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius, but not so much on Mars (Rx) in Leo opposing it. As I sit trying to express my thoughts this solstice, the world outside has iced over. My son’s school has closed for the day and his christmas play cancelled. I can’t get to work yet, and have a huge pile of cards that really needed to get to the post. Everyone in the family has a cold or somekind of runny nose. Mars retrograde indeed.

The winter solstice is my renewal time. My time what I need to work on – to reflect on what I learned this year. I have learned that no matter how hard I work, push and plan, if something isnt going to work, it just won’t. My family has had some real disapointments this year, and they have culminated this December. It has been making the holiday season stressful until I looked at the solstice chart, and there I see Mars. To me it looks like a point upon which the rest of the planets hinge on. So my message is:

Action through inaction. Progress by standing still and letting the world turn around me.

Blessings all.

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