Skibbereen Floods Part One

(I looked at a few times of the day for this one, but finally settled on the evening full tide time of 5:30.)

The first thing that springs to mind is that almost exact conjunction between Pluto and the Moon, which came to exactness about an hour later. It would be fair to say that around six thirty, the town was totally impassable and was feeling the full effects of the floods. We know that Pluto in Capricorn is renovating our current authority structure, and that the Moon is the planet that represents our needs and our home. Having Pluto and Moon conjunct is intense. The needs of the folks caught in these floods, the washing away and destruction of so much of their homes, places of nurture was intense. On Sat, I listened to a woman still in shock over having so much precious things destroyed. They were things precious to her, things that nurtured her, and the water forever altered them. There were many who have had basic things like carpet, flooring, door jams etc damaged by the flood. Perhaps its going a bit far to draw comparisons between the carpets being the skins of the house, and Saturn/Capricorn ruling the skin in the human body and Pluto shedding those skins, but it feels right to me.

Interesting enough with this time choice is the placement of Mars in Leo at 4th house. Normally in the natal chart, especially of a child, I would find this to indicate war or at least a lot of action in the home place. But Mars in Leo says more ‘daring do’ or active heroism. I would like to think that the Fire Service and others who immediately got into action helping out the elderly and others could be seen in this placement. Due to the prompt response with sandbags, much damage was averted.

To be continued…

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