…..possible career?

I just finished a Haiku workshop in the Schull Library

Amongst the wonderful lively exchanges, a eight year old boy asked me; ” Is this your job? Do you travel all over the world and show kids how to do poetry?”

Regretfully I had to answer no.

Got me thinking WOW what a cool job that would be!

From the CCC website:

Schull Library,
Main Street,
Co. Cork.

Tel: (028) 28290

Email: schull.library@corkcoco.ie

Directons to the library: The library is situated at the upper end of the main street in Schull village. It stands on the corner of Upper Main Street and Colla Road and is directly opposite The Bunratty Inn.

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Summer of the Sheep

A lot has happened since my last entry on this blog. Being the Goat that I am, I nearly packed it all in blogwise. My initial thinking ran: ‘ you haven’t made a weekly entry, much less an entry per month this year, and therefore you don’t deserve a blog in which to showcase your thoughts.’ Thankfully the secondary thinking went along the lines of: ‘Bollocks to that – nobody reads it anyway, so no one is going to notice whether or not you have posted anything.’ And then finally I remembered those of you who have told me you read this, and those kind souls who have also told me that it made them laugh. Hence today’s entry, it might not make you laugh, but hopefully will at least make you smile.

Well we have a baby girl in our family now – a whopper at 10 lbs 3 oz born on my husbands birthday! She is now 9 weeks old and the most amazing baby ever! (I get to say that because I am her mom, plus my other sons and my stepson were all amazing babies too.) I get told that she looks like me to my horror. And then get told off for being concerned because apparently that is ok (i.e. my appearance isn’t hideous) but secretly I don’t believe a word of it. No one looks like her – she is simply divine! Ok she does have Libra rising, and Saturn conjunct Asc, so we would have a bit in common astrologically…

Don’t be concerned amusing anecdote on way….

The darling male Gemini in my life (hubbie) decided that he wanted to try his hand at sheep farming. He decided this about three weeks before Baby showed up, and mind you she was eleven days late. All was well – he got a pair of sheep. The first lot ran away/got found/got sick/ died. The second lot have spent their entire existence finding ways to run away. Thankfully none have gotten sick or died, but I am amazed at them. I have never met a more baffling animal – What on earth is the motivation of a sheep? They eat, sleep, drink and breed, but they also seem to spend an enormous amount of energy running though things, especially fences and attempting to eat deadly things. What possessed humanity to farm sheep? How on earth are they domesticated? Why do I have to ask so many questions about sheep?


Moral of the story is:

Don’t marry a Gemini if you are a Capricorn as they will do weird things like suddenly become a (small scale) sheep farmer, and sheep farming is most definitely a vocation like teaching or nursing – not for the faint of heart or the unfit or something to be taken up on the spur of the moment!

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How to get a good pinch

How to get a good pinch in six easy steps:

1. Have a goose

2. Have her nesting behind a large square rabbit hutch squished into the corner of the house, where you have to get on your hands and knees to reach into the nest

3. Be pretty pregnant – about 33/34 weeks along is just about fine

4. Be tired after a party the day before and a long days work.

5. Undertake trying to replace her dud eggs with eleven duck eggs at about eight at night. Make sure it is dusk outside and slightly difficult to see contrast.

6. Make sure you have no experience in lifting the butt end of a goose up, especially so that you underestimate the strength needed & accurate positioning of said pregnant woman to stay balanced.

Result: A very pissed off goose & a large bruise on the forearm!

However Operation Egg Change was successful. Well, at least all eggs are covered and she seems to have no intention of leaving the nest. Will update you all in about 28 days or so…..

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Moving a zoo…

I came home late Saturday night after spending two weeks caring for my father at his home. It was an awkward two weeks. Instead of it simply being about providing care and continuity for my dad, an Alzheimer’s sufferer, it was complicated by also house sitting for my mother, taking care of her year old Labradoodle, my 33 week old pregnancy, the separation from my family, and the fallout with them therein.

Packing up the car to return home, I realised that I was bringing back two rabbits, nine baby chicks, one large bag of chick feed, bale of hay, bale of straw, three trays of pea plants, four trays of assorted lettuce, two of tomatoes, basil, okra, kale and Echinacea, and a large bag of groceries along with my own paraphernalia of computer, cds, astrology books, unfinished reports, a completed superman cape for my four year old, my toothbrush and a few clothes. What is wrong with me! Am I so insecure that I have to create a mini farm wherever I live? What is this bizarre need to nurture growing things at all time? Is it the Capricornian requirement to be achieving at all costs, compounded with my fourth house sun?

Answers on a postcard please.

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a little bit of nothing and too much…

I haven’t been able to write anything since Christmas. Every time I start a subject, another pops up and demands to be dealt with in my real life. So maybe I can excuse it by stating that I have been out there – acting and reacting instead of reflecting. So am going to list the subjects I haven’t written about:

· Hospital visit of 5 hours to pee on a stick

· Estranged stepson getting in touch again after nearly four years & hugging me!

· Being over halfway in my pregnancy and the movement of a new life within me

· Kale (Don’t question, just understand. I developed a kale fetish during the holidays – My liver reacting to all the rich food?)

· No water or heating during Christmas week & the subsequent imploding of my marriage (all healed again now thankfully)

· Anger, betrayal, fear, insecurities, emotional mood swings, deep desires for red wine & chocolate, inconsolable crying, laughter, love birds, dead pet rabbit, new silky hens, Lettie the guinea pig, 8th birthday parties with nineteen 8 yr olds, a new 7 seater, Brian Cowen, the Green party and all the swear words I can think of …..

So now you are all brought up to date – without me actually writing about anything. Ha! What a great technique!

Seriously though, it leaves me without an excuse.

Uh Oh!

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Christmas Eve

A Very Merry Christmas to you all from us here in Friendly Cove, Durrus, Ireland

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Solstice Lunar Eclipse…..Need Assistance!

The Lunar eclipse this winter solstice happens in Gemini at 29º. Apparently the last time the world saw an eclipse at Solstice was about 500 years ago, so it feels epoch making at the least for that history fact. It’s opposing the Sun, Mercury, Pluto and the Mean Node all conjunct. (All be it an out of sign conjunction; Mercury & Sun in Sagittarius with Pluto and Node in Capricorn). Full Gemini Moon is opposing all of those mighty players.

I have found a lunar eclipse to be a massive reset button. They are a good time to think about what you want to clear out and let go of. You might also find that you are asked by the universe to let go of things/desires/places you might not feel ready to leave behind. If you know your own chart, look to the house and any planets near by where the eclipse is occurring to give you a hint as to the scene & actors for the re-boot.

I am not strong in Gemini energy, despite having married one. In fact our martial arguments of Capricorn –v- Gemini are the stuff of astrological laughter. Relating things quickly is not my forte, nor is being happy to talk to everyone at the party. These are both things that my husband does well. He sees endless possibilities, where I can only see the limits. The size of the Christmas tree in our hallway describes it perfectly. The hallway ceiling is about 15 ft high, and the tree is bending over at the top because it is still too high for the hall. And he brought it home in a 1996 Toyota Starlet hatchback. So maybe this is a good time to let go of all the stress and knicker twisting anxiety that I get about my husband’s attitudes towards life/parenting and things in general. Gemini rules my 9th house, but if I look over, that massive conjunction of Sun. Mercury, Pluto and Mean Node is all happening in my 3rd house. I feel I have many 3rd house issues, difficulties with my numerous siblings, constant short travel problems mainly to do with only having one car that is ailing at the best of times, problems with expressing myself clearly, despite using loads of words and time. This is a place that I would be happy to have a spring clean in, or at least a little more clarity!

Ok so Goddess, with this Winter Solstice I am ready and willing to do the work I need to do…Just give me a hint where to start?

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Trounce Those Budget Blues, Lads

When I looked at this chart, the first thing that I see is that giant glob of planets in Capricorn in the 3rd house. Wow, Mars, Pluto, the Moon, Mercury and the N Node all bunched there together. What a signifier of being made to listen to what we don’t want to hear. What a fuck up of travel & communication. It took me an hour and a half to get to work today due to the condition of the roads, instead of twenty minutes.
I find that trine to Jupiter and Uranus worrying though. Maybe it is just indicating high energy, and will support the change that is going on. To me, it just looks like the trigger to the bomb though.

Saturn looming on the Ascendant, in Libra is just perfect, isn’t it? Has anyone woken up this morning and not felt compressed or burdened? Out of all my friends on FB, not one has posted about the up coming Budget this afternoon. I am so angry, but I do not know what to do. I feel responsible for having voted Green in the last two elections, something I will not do again. The issues that I had hoped would be dealt with, Tara and the Corrib pipeline, were not.

Yet besides all this doom and gloom and personal anger, I have a deep feeling of hope. I am pregnant again for the fifth time, and I am so honoured that this little one has come to (hopefully) join my family. Money does not matter, security does not matter, life matters. We as a nation have lots of life; most of my friends are pregnant. Their husbands are home, due to unemployment, and their kids are having two parents love and care for them. Yeah it will be oranges in tinfoil in the stockings this year, but I am so grateful that I can put three little stockings up for those that I love:

My children.

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Full Moon in Taurus

This was the full moon over Durrus yesterday evening just before dinner.
full moon november 2010

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Fairy houses in Myross

Late this summer, my sons and I walked around myross woods and filmed the experience. Such a new thing for me to do! Supposedly it was to be a birthday present for my sister (2nd Sept) and I am only now getting around to posting it!

Part one:

Part two:

At a time when we all were just begining to get really scared about the economy, it created a wonderful sense of community. All sorts were found taking the walk to find the hidden houses. And each time we met, the adults would look at eachother and mouth the words ‘ did you find them yet’ ? There was nothing but smiles, and a feeling of a shared secret.

I am suffering from hayfever during this so my apologies for the wheezing soundtrack!


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