Time Lord, Indeed: An Astrological Look at Doctor Who

Perfect summing up of Doctor Who and astrology 🙂


The astrological underpinnings to cultural phenomena can sometimes be jaw-dropping. Such is the case with the BBC’s long-lived sci fi series Doctor Who. Key aspects of the series and the Doctor himself jump out with dazzling precision from the chart of its premiere (5:16:20 PM November 23, 1963, London).

It’s a perfect expression of the series’ premise, which follows a mysterious time lord on his travels through time and space. Most of the defining elements appear in the chart’s packed sixth house, which describes day to day affairs as well as the role of service.  The line-up delivers a super-sized dose of adventure, exploring, a teaching, mind-expanding streak, journeying far from home base (mentally and physically), an on-the-go “Don’t Fence Me In” imperative.


These characteristics come from four pivotal placements in Sagittarius, starting with the Sun in the very first degree of the sign. This gives…

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