Living the Leo Way

The Sun rules the 5th house, the stage of the royal Leo. Here it holds court, and in this sign it rules with bounty. It is a Fixed Fire sign. Solar Leos do have a tendency to see themselves as the centre of the Solar System or at least of their own lives. Self-doubt doesn’t compute for the Leo. When the aspects are challenging though, the Leo can act like a tyrant, and demonstrate selfishness.

 An example of famous Leos would be Chris Hemsworth, Barak Obama, Madonna, Daniel Radcliffe and Arnold Schwarzenegger. These are people who are larger than life or at least appear to us as larger than life. Being the centre of attention is never going to be a problem for a Leo.

 I love the story of the Cowardly Lion in the Wizard of OZ. He is frightened of everything, but through his journey with Dorothy, he finds his own Kingship. This sense of Self is something that Solar Leos are born with. They have a Hearth fire that burns with Magnetic personality. Too often we are not ourselves, for our children, for the job, for our parents or our partners. Finding an authentic way of being can be challenging with all these pressures. So the lesson of the Leo is to follow your Sun. Be the centre of your own life. Then you can shine with love and warmth on those around you.

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