The Cancerian – Moody or Moon?

Well I found our recent visit through Cancer full of obvious reminders of motherhood and nurturing issues. On the personal side I finally weaned my darling girl at 2yrs and 1 month, and in the public sphere (dare I mention it) the ‘Royal Baby’ event. I’m a fourth house Capricorn Sun myself, and throughout the years, the most hurtful people I’ve known and also my best friends have been from this sign. Please read the following with an understanding that these are generalisations written to give a flavour of what it is to be born in the sign of Cancer.

Cancer rules the 4th house of the horoscope, and this is the place where we are at home. Home and comfort and nurturing and fussing and fretting and smothering……Astrologically the 4th house is where the IC is, but that is another article. We all have mother stories, some are nightmarish and others still feed our souls, but the inescapable fact is that they are our birthplaces. It is where we emerged naked to the world and hopefully were scooped up into loving hands and warm gentle snuggles. It doesn’t always work like this, but the mythology of Mother is endless, as each generation is birthed into a newer version of the original story. It is this mythology that this Sun sign shoulders.

They are gentle folk, with highly nurturing instincts; happiest doing whatever they feel is making a home. (It so depends on where their sun in placed and what pops up in their 4th house). But like anyone nestled deep into his or her home space, they are fiercely protective. So like the crabs that they are, a shell of armour keeps their delicate and fragile selves away from anything they perceive as threatening. They will also snap away at anyone they see as threatening. Too often for the Cancerian there are lots of issues around parenting and home space. They can hold on for dear life far after the relationships have changed, and they will endure horrifying storms to keep what they love. They will often surround themselves with loved things or reminders of loved people, and many times their entire home is a treasure box of memories.

Cancerians are a strong and cardinal water sign. They are ruled by the Moon, which as you know changes signs every 2 to 3 days. The term moodiness is often used here. I think it’s more important to understand that the Cancerian tread the delicate dance between the two Luminosities. The need to be oneself as dictated by the Sun energy and the ebbs and flows of the constantly transiting Moon. Hell yes, I’d be moody if I had that much energy constantly running through me! So give a hug to your local Cancerian gal or guy. They are dealing with a lot, and truly are unspoken heroes of the astrological chart. But then again I’m biased. Like I said earlier, some of my best friends hail from that constellation.

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1 Response to The Cancerian – Moody or Moon?

  1. pivi63 says:

    2 out of 5 in my family are cancerians… 🙂

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