Ten things I love about the Solar Gemini

Ok I’m trying to tie up all my loose ends before the Mercury Retrograde in Cancer on the 26th. Honestly this year, my mental focus has been so wide (read scattered) that I’m still struggling with bearing in on one topic. But I promised, and though it might be late, I do try to keep my word. So here is the lovely start off essay in my 12-month blog challenge:

10 things I love about the Solar Gemini:

1. Their childlike curiosity about the next new thing. My pet Gemini reads the Financial Times every Saturday. He is the most generous of people with money, and it literally slips through his fingers, but he can always give me the latest low-down on the banking crisis.
2. The balls out go with the flow and lets see what happens energy. Head wreaking if you are not built that way, but they never regret not following an opportunity.
3. The Duracell battery rabbit/ Tigger from Winnie-the-Pooh thing (if you live with one, you know what I mean) Do they ever switch off???
4. They are so damn friendly! My baby boy with lunar Gemini would walk down the street and tell perfect strangers he loved them when he was 2.
5. The way they bring stories out of people and their ability to talk to anyone.
6. How they tell stories from the white lie to the full on Moby Dick exaggeration.
7. How happy they can be. Bad stuff just flows over them. I really admire that.
8. They are the eternal optimistic – even when it’s all blowing up around them, they manage to see the upside. A real life example is the car running out of petrol on the eldest’s first day ever of school, having to hitch to the nearest petrol station, somehow get petrol without having their wallet, hitch back, fill up car, get kid to school, and then turn around and say – ‘See, we were only ten minutes late, everything is fine’ to their fuming wife.
9. That they are never boring.
10. How much laughter and wit and fun they create.

Personal note – my other half is a Gemini and whilst he is the bane of my Capricorn life, he is also the best person for me. He makes me laugh at the worst moments of life. He clowns when it is wildly inappropriate. He is never serious at all despite raising a large family together. He is my headache and my love. I also get to be the proud Mommy to a Gemini girl, who even though she is only two, is looking to be as much fun/trouble as her dad. 🙂

Research note: For understanding the Solar signs I always turn to Robert Hand’s Planets in Youth. http://www.amazon.com/Planets-Youth-Patterns-Development-Planet/dp/0914918265 It is a great positive read, and excellent at assisting in understanding the potential of each sign. Also just trust your instincts. I see signs as flavours or colours and sometimes when I look at a natal chart, I hear a chord of music. Withhold judgement, and try to work out your own way of understanding. Good luck.

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