Division of writing labour

In an attempt to increase my astrological posts (at this point I’m putting it down to semi permanent writers muddle) I’m going to split up the blog articles, so…..

Day to day life will be found at friendlycovefarm.wordpress.com

And highly informative fascinating thoughts (har har har) on the current astrological trends will remain here.

So the goal I’m setting myself is to write once a month here, and let the random posts flow over on the other one. Seeing as its my Husbands & my baby girl’s birthday on the 29th, I’m going to start out by formally writing 12 posts on the sun signs – Hey if I get them all done within 12 months I’ll move on to the next challenge of the Lunar movements.

Ok Gemini it is – wait for it, wait for it….( a may the 4th reference for all my fellow nerdies out there)


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