Sandwiches: Weird and Wonderful Comfort Food.

My head is aching from another chart reading of this full moon on the 25th. Maybe it is ok that I can’t articulate the churning primal concepts that I see. If I could share it with the world in terms of colour or sounds I’d be fine. So really guys, a sandwich is all I got.

The Scorpio Lunar Eclipse sandwich: (Make sure you put it together in this order)

Rye Bread
Shredded Lobster mixed with Handcrafted Organic Mayo (Make some! It’s good.)
Very Crunchy Lettuce
Spicy Spicy Kim Chee (fermented cabbage, garlic, chilli etc)
Durrus Cheese – just when it is about to go funky on your ass but still sliceable not spreadable.
More Butter
Rye Bread.

We’ve got boundaries, the underbelly, and the explosive taste sensation. Just like those great godly planets Saturn, Pluto and Uranus who are mucking up my mind.

Feck it, I’m off to eat.

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2 Responses to Sandwiches: Weird and Wonderful Comfort Food.

  1. pivi63 says:

    Buon appetito!

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