Solstice Lunar Eclipse…..Need Assistance!

The Lunar eclipse this winter solstice happens in Gemini at 29º. Apparently the last time the world saw an eclipse at Solstice was about 500 years ago, so it feels epoch making at the least for that history fact. It’s opposing the Sun, Mercury, Pluto and the Mean Node all conjunct. (All be it an out of sign conjunction; Mercury & Sun in Sagittarius with Pluto and Node in Capricorn). Full Gemini Moon is opposing all of those mighty players.

I have found a lunar eclipse to be a massive reset button. They are a good time to think about what you want to clear out and let go of. You might also find that you are asked by the universe to let go of things/desires/places you might not feel ready to leave behind. If you know your own chart, look to the house and any planets near by where the eclipse is occurring to give you a hint as to the scene & actors for the re-boot.

I am not strong in Gemini energy, despite having married one. In fact our martial arguments of Capricorn –v- Gemini are the stuff of astrological laughter. Relating things quickly is not my forte, nor is being happy to talk to everyone at the party. These are both things that my husband does well. He sees endless possibilities, where I can only see the limits. The size of the Christmas tree in our hallway describes it perfectly. The hallway ceiling is about 15 ft high, and the tree is bending over at the top because it is still too high for the hall. And he brought it home in a 1996 Toyota Starlet hatchback. So maybe this is a good time to let go of all the stress and knicker twisting anxiety that I get about my husband’s attitudes towards life/parenting and things in general. Gemini rules my 9th house, but if I look over, that massive conjunction of Sun. Mercury, Pluto and Mean Node is all happening in my 3rd house. I feel I have many 3rd house issues, difficulties with my numerous siblings, constant short travel problems mainly to do with only having one car that is ailing at the best of times, problems with expressing myself clearly, despite using loads of words and time. This is a place that I would be happy to have a spring clean in, or at least a little more clarity!

Ok so Goddess, with this Winter Solstice I am ready and willing to do the work I need to do…Just give me a hint where to start?

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  1. Just wanted to add that I woke up this morning, walked out of our front door in the freezing cold to look at the moon hanging over the trees. It was magical. I ran inside, woke up the others, and we shared the experience as a family until the sunlight faded the moon away. I also experienced a crisis in my employment yesterday evening, and while nothing is resolved, I do feel that the Goddess is pointing out a new path. It is certainly one I wasn’t thinking about. So thankyou Universe. If we ask for help, it does show up. Blessings all and a very wonderful Solstice!!!!!!

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