Fairy houses in Myross

Late this summer, my sons and I walked around myross woods and filmed the experience. Such a new thing for me to do! Supposedly it was to be a birthday present for my sister (2nd Sept) and I am only now getting around to posting it!

Part one:

Part two:

At a time when we all were just begining to get really scared about the economy, it created a wonderful sense of community. All sorts were found taking the walk to find the hidden houses. And each time we met, the adults would look at eachother and mouth the words ‘ did you find them yet’ ? There was nothing but smiles, and a feeling of a shared secret.

I am suffering from hayfever during this so my apologies for the wheezing soundtrack!


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2 Responses to Fairy houses in Myross

  1. Cillian says:

    This is hugely entertaining! Thank you! Blair Witch only better and less snot. (Just about)! Have to bring husband to see those tiny houses. Eddie’s face when he holds up the stick! Too funny! xxx

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