New moon time

These days my life is filled with friends and a hubby with Moon in Capricorn. This slow inevitable movement of Pluto into those early degrees is creating an awful mess of things for them. My understanding of Plutonian urgency is that one either goes with the flow or becomes twisted and broken in the undertow. Rhyming not intended.

The subconscious, the deep security needs to self satisfy, and the default settings of emotional response are the Moon’s province. They alter and change with the events in our lives in intensity and relevance. However when the Moon lies in Capricorn, isn’t there a struggle or a conflict with this flow? I imagine it to be like waves against cliffs – the waves smash and become sea fret, and foam, and pull down flotsam and jetsam; yet after time the cliffs show the effects of the waves, and erode into caves and beaches.

How can we image the effects of Pluto passing overhead these opposing forces, and what becomes to our sea edge then…a landslide…the cliffs suddenly disintegrating and new sheer edges appearing as blank slates for the waves to work their forceful magic upon again – or something even more catastrophic like a whole village disappearing like Atlantis…

I have my natal moon in scorpio, so the dangerous dramatic is comfortable to me. What I am trying to understand is how it works for those who are comfortable in a different way. Comment away…

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