times are changing

Back on in keeping with the blog’s title…Doesn’t it seem these days that there is an awful amount of fear about? Since last November when Pluto moved into Capricorn, things have felt like they will never be the same again. Some people are reacting to this in different ways – see the Zeitgeist movement and talk of the ‘NWO’. It took me forever to understand that acronymn as meaning the New World Order. Anyway here in West Cork, most alternative people are preparing for the floods etc brought on by climate change, and stock piling basic medicines for the inevitable shortage that will come when peak oil is reached. We have got the Finance Minister promising that Ireland will crawl up out of the recession next year. If the UK hasnt managed it, how will we?

I understand that we live in a world with finate resourses. I also understand the sociological and political workings of our western world where those with more resources tend to weigh in more heavily on the decision making process than those that have not.

Whether secular or religious or spiritual, humans tend to look for the patterns in life. What patterns are you looking for?


Two Rivers Glengariff Woods Walk

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